Daily Crush

000093zqI realize I make a lot of fuss about accents and boyish good looks, but when it comes down to it, I like a guy with some substance–he’s funny, can hold a conversation, watches sports, is a loyal friend, loves his family and is just awesome. Marshall Eriksen, from How I Met Your Mother, seems to encompass this type of guy, so naturally, I equate him with Jason Segel and therefore have a completely illogical crush on him. I’ve heard from some people that he’s a total d-bag in real life, but I would like to think of him only as Marshall–the Loch Ness Loving, Dancer Hip having, Pancake Making, Loyal to Lilly–Eriksen. Added bonus: he’s tall.  Yay!/Sigh.

One Response to “Daily Crush”

  1. omg yes him too! I wish I starred in Freaks and Geeks.

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