Almost Famous…Again.

So, I was watching the Celebrity version of The Apprentice last night, mostly because we don’t have cable (I know!) and I thought maybe this show could be good in like a “bad reality tv” kind of way.  It’s not really, but it made an honest effort.  And I learned interesting tidbits like, did you know that 90s R&B singer Brian McKnight is still alive? Or, conversely, that Joan Rivers will not die? Fun fact: she’s now made entirely out of synthetic, non-biodegradable materials.  Betcha didn’t know that in some circles, poker players are considered “celebrities”.  Or maybe, you didn’t even know that Brande the “Playboy modelis a celebrity.  Well, she is.  I learned about it on Celebrity Apprentice.  


*Go on, relive those middle school memories with Brian McKnight’s “Back at One”

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