Don’t Call it a Comeback

Yesterday, Caitlin and I made a list of words/phrases to bring back, then we taped it on our kitchen wall.  This is still a list in progress, and if you have any awesome additions, create a FREE account with WordPress, so you can leave your suggestions — and maybe we’ll add them to the list

Words to Bring Back


“The pits”



Mack (to be used in place of “bone” — i.e. “soo did you two mack last night?”)

Boges (short for “bogus”)

Babe (for masculine subjects only — i.e. “that guy’s a total babe”)

Pisser* (see: asshole — e.g. “that guy’s such a fuckin’ pisser!”)

Too much information (as in something unpleasent — e.g. “that pho we had last      night was too much information.”)


Meritime lingo (in general)



Choad (we’re phasing out “douchebag”)



One Response to “Don’t Call it a Comeback”

  1. melsanie Says:

    Boss (Bacon is so boss)

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