On Second Thought, No…

old-people-dj3So, after I got laidoff, I thought to myself, “hey, Self, maybe this is a good thing!” To which I responded, “how are you possibly for real, Self?” — okay, this is going to get old so I’ll stop.  But, it felt like one of those moments where you realize, hey, maybe this is my chance to do something different! Something creative, and awesome and fun.  And then I thought:

Hey! I can be a DJ! I’ll get to go to clubs and hear only the music that I want to listen to — and get paid for it!

Then, I was reading the NY Times online tonight, and I discovered I’m not the only person who thinks being a Recession DJ is a great job.  In fact, a lot of other people think being a Recession DJ is a great job.  A lot of OLD people.  Downgrade.  Sooo, it’s back to the books…

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