gchat gangstas

Melanie: true or false:  i’m following levar burton on twitter in the hopes that he’d just talk about star trek and reading rainbow
Sent at 2:16 PM on Thursday
Meredith: hahahahaha
ohhhh butterflies in the skyyyy
i was super impressed that you found nicole richie
finding her opened up a pandora’s box of people on twitter
ashlee simpson, pete wentz, people related to the maddens, samantha ronson, perez hilton
Sent at 2:20 PM on Thursday
Melanie: i KNOW
thanks random blog about celebrities that i check
Sent at 2:23 PM on Thursday
Melanie: found out nicole and ashlee are besties
which i found kind of funny
but not surprising
Sent at 2:25 PM on Thursday
Meredith: uh i find it a little surprising
what do they have in common? having babies with douche bags?
nicole richie is 10 times cooler
and also, the subject of any blind item about a supposedly cleaned up mom, popping oxycotin like candy
Melanie: dark secret:  i think she’s cool
Meredith: you think ashlee is cool?
Melanie: nooo nicole
no idea why
Meredith: ohhhh okay, no dark secret, just the plain ol truuth
Melanie: yeah.  ashlee named her kid bronx and refers to him as “bx”
Meredith: HAHAHA
Melanie: like, what is that about?
Meredith: omg how awful for everyone involved
where is child protective services when you need them?

Celebrity tweets

Levar Burton

Nicole Richie

Ashlee Simpson

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