Watch This Now: “Life”

So I like TV.  As I’ve mentioned before (and will again) there are some good shows out there. Like, ACTUALLY good and not just entertaining.  One, in particular, is “Life” on NBC.  Although it’s billed as a detective show, it’s more than that.  Sure, it’s based on a cop, but it’s not just a typical procedural with quirky characters where almost the same thing happens each week (see:  “Bones”, “NCIS”, “CSI”, etc.).  If you know me, you know I love a good procedural show and can waste weekends watching marathons of “Law and Order: SVU”, but seriously, “Life” is different and better.  Gina Bellafonte from The New York Times summarizes the premise nicely:

Charlie has come upon all of his money through a lawsuit leveled against the evil forces who sent him to life in prison for a murder he did not commit during the first chapter of his career as a police officer. The narrative structure of the show is incredibly satisfying: During each hour a crime is committed and solved, as Charlie’s search for who might have framed him provides the overriding arch, satisfying our short attention spans and taste for long-form narrative at once.

What makes “Life” different from the other detective shows is that the writing and acting are impecable.  The story is original, well thought-out and well executed by the actors.  It’s a show that builds solid supporting characters to the lead and you forget that these people are characters not real.  You become invested in the show, which is a reason that I don’t just like the show, but I respect it.  If you’ve seen “West Wing”, “The Wire” or “Friday Night Lights”, you know what I mean.

Anyway, I love this show.  The season finale aired tonight and if it doesn’t come back, I’ll be pretty sad, but honestly, what else is NBC going to air?  More Leno?  They should just promote the shit out of the good shows that they have already.  They kept “Friday Night Lights” (which I’ll post about on Friday) so I have hope.

Seriously, watch this show. It will be worth your time.  I’ll even include the link to Hulu (I’m soooo nice.)

Watch LIFE

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