Frank Lambert and a Crab

Remember Frank Lambert? The dad from Step by Step? (side note: that show supposedly took place a half hour from my home town and it should be made known that my high school’s sports teams beat them on the regular–except in football because they raise GIANTS out there.) Well, Frank (aka Patrick Duffy) has nominated himself to embody the older generations cluelessness about technology. He doesn’t know about Facebook so who should teach him? No, not his kid. No, not Google. Wait, did you say a talking puppet crab?? DING DING DING. I’m as serious as a monkey in space. To make it even better? The crab looks like he just spent the night drinking tequila and then got beat up by a degenerate lobster or some other crustacean. (true or false: I had to spell check crustacean. That word is mad tricky) Now, if we can get a guest appearance from JD or Cody, I’ll love these even more.

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